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Adoption is a legal process through which the adopted child becomes a son or daughter with the same obligations and rights, including succession rights, as a biological child, extinguishing the ties with his/her family of origin, except for marriage restrictions.  Adoption represents a protective measure for children and adolescents, which is ruled by Decree  136 03, and the adoption process is of an administrative as well as a legal nature.

The administrative protection stage is handled by the Adoption Department of the National Counsel for Childhood and Adolescence (“CONANI” in Spanish).

The administrative protection stage involves two processes, depending on. whether the child is given up voluntarily or whether its release is preceded by a declaration of abandonment or loss of parental authority.

Our firm has ample experience with the realization of international adoptions;  this is an area  which, due to its inherent social and emotional context, gives us great satisfaction, and we have been donating part of the fees to institutions dedicated to this cause or directly to families in need.

(ver guía informativa  Como adoptar en  Rep. Dom.)